Fedora 15 Release Party – Tokyo, Japan
When and Where

Organizers / Team


  • Talking about Fedora 15. Feedback was curious about the Fedora 15 and virtual systems and security models.
  • Free style party.
  • Open discussion.


  • Over 100 people! 😀

Extra Questions

For example, one question which came up during my Fedora 15 experience was –

Extra Thoughts

  • Advanced kernel.  Linux 3.0 and future thoughts.
  • GNOME desktop.  GNOME 3.0.
  • Xournal – “…this is really useful tool to help with the mundane task of “editing” a PDF…”
  • NetworkManager – “…With the amount of devices around you that are wifi-capable, this ability of a Fedora machine to be able to become a wifi-hotspot is extremely useful. Yes, you can do tethering with cell phones (atleast the Android 2.2 phones), but this being a standard capability of a Fedora box needs to be publicised…”
  • Virtual Machine Manager – “…What demo is complete if youdo not show virtualization? And the fact that virtualization is built-in in Fedora means that you can now go about experimenting, using, breaking, fixing, updating various other systems. This alone changes how we consume technology and how we can easily transition to the cloud…”
  • Weather in Tokyo is a factor for any event. This spring outdoor event was nice in the beginning of the day but would be very cool in the evening and are not very easy to maintain personnel energy and power accordingly as well as attendees who go indoors for lunch and cool  rooms.

Requirements (DVD/USB Key copying)

  • DVD distribution as well as USB Key copying.