Fedora 14 Release Party – Tokyo, Japan
When and Where

Organizers / Team


  • Talking about Fedora 14. Feedback was curious about the Fedora 14 and virtual systems and security models.
  • Free style party.
  • Open discussion.


  • Over 100 people! 😀
  • Extra Questions

    For example, one question which came up during my Fedora 14 experience was –

  • Where can I find new kernels?

Extra Thoughts

  • Advanced kernel.
  • GNOME desktop.
  • Weather in Tokyo is a factor for any event. This autumn outdoor event was nice in the beginning of the day but would be very cool in the evening and are not very easy to maintain personnel energy and power accordingly as well as attendees who go indoors for lunch and heated rooms.

Requirements (DVD/USB Key copying)

  • DVD distribution as well as USB Key copying.